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Dart Centre for Journalism and Trauma – Director, European Board

The Dart Center is a resource center and think tank for journalists who cover violence, conflict and tragedy around the world. A project of the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism in New York City, the Dart Center also operates in Europe and Australasia. The Dart Center’s mission is to improve the quality of journalism on traumatic events, while also raising awareness in newsrooms of the impact such coverage has on the journalists telling the stories.

EyeWitness to Atrocities – Member, Advisory Board
“EyeWitness” is a secure smartphone app which records photos, videos and audio with embedded special meta data that will qualify these recordings for possible future use in criminal prosecution of human rights abuses and war crimes. Developed by the International Bar Association in collaboration with the information firm LexisNexis. Juliana joined the advisory board in 2015.

Juries and Awards
I am a regular member on several juries, including the Rory Peck Awards, the One World Media Awards and the DIG! Awards (formerly Ilaria Alpi Awards).

Presentations and panels

“Juliana Ruhfus is an innovative journalist and an incredibly inspiring speaker. Mixing production details with big scale ideas she manages to lead her audience into the future of investigative journalism. Eloquent and open minded, she leads you step by step, from design challenges to experimentation and solutions. Inclusive in her presentation style and open to debate she is both a role model and an eye opener”.

Sarah Gaudenzi, Head of Studies, !F Lab
University of the West of England & i-Docs co-director

“Juliana is a rare thing – an investigative journalist pushing the edges of innovation in her field with her explorations of interactive storytelling. We were thrilled that she agreed to speak at i-Docs, and the audience were enchanted. Her intelligence and passion for her work are irresistible.”

Mandy Rose, Associate Professor
Director of the Digital Cultures Research Centre, University of the West of England Bristol, UK

“Juliana’s presentation was exactly what I wanted: Informative and passionate – and giving my students an idea of a framework for news games, as well as an insight into what goes into making one. But it was the Q&A with the students that was amazing. Watching my shy, quiet students engage with issues of discovery, monetisation, the complexities of journalist/ editor/ publisher, and who should focus on these issues was fantastic. I would invite Juliana again, and am already working on ways I can work with her again.”

Adam Mayes, Feb 2016

Selection of Events: Gamification and Digital Media

News Rewired Drawing

Selection of Events: Reporting Craft, Current Affairs, and Investigative Issues

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