Haiti: Seismic election

November 2010

People & Power revisits Haiti ten months on from the devastating earthquake.

It’s been ten months since a magnitude seven earthquake devastated the tiny Carribean nation of Haiti, killing at least 230,000 people, injuring 300,000 and leaving more than a million homeless.

The disaster could hardly have happened in a worse place.

Haiti was already one of the world’s poorest countries, following decades of political upheaval and corruption, that had all but destroyed its economy.

As People & Power’s Juliana Ruhfus discovered in the days following the quake, rebuilding this shattered nation was always going to prove an immense task for its people and its leaders.

Later this month the country goes to the polls to elect a new president to deal with those challenges, this being only the third democratic election in its history.

Juliana has been back to see if any of the candidates have answers to the problems still facing ordinary Haitians, not least a growing threat of cholera and the fact that most still have nowhere to go.

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